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Download and install the software below, in the order listed. Always choose the latest version, even if it is alpha or beta software.

If you would like to download all necessary ripping software at once, first make sure you have either the latest version of WinRAR, or 7-Zip, then click here. Although this package is current as of 2006/01/18, it is recommended that you download each piece of software individually from its original location so that you can be sure you have the latest version.

Would you like to know more?Potential Software Conflicts
It is best to start out with a brand new installation of your operating system. Otherwise, software conflicts (although very rare) may interfere with the encoding process. Starting fresh is optional, but it can save you a headache later on.

Back up your hard drive Using Norton Ghost or a similar program. Format, install Windows, (XP or 2000 is recommended) and create another backup. With these two backups on hand you can easily switch between regular computer usage and video encoding if software conflicts should happen to occur. Don't forget to install the latest Windows Critical Updates.

Gordian Knot RipPack
If you have an old version installed, uninstall it first. Install all components with their default options. If there is an update patch available, install it as well.

DVD Decrypter (ed2k link here, Google link here)

Would you like to know more?DVD Decrypter file hashes
DVD Decrypter has been discontinued, so if for some reason the links here don't work, you may need to download it from a potentially untrustworthy source. But as long as your copy of the file matches the hashes below, it is fine to use. If you need a program to generate a file hash, click now to download QuickSFV.

CRC32: 4a27d636
MD4: f2ac534a2a37c33bf0634382318fe527
MD5: 78d806097da8e8b8d595827cccddf6d9
SHA1: 4cd617d8bdad9b2175b1cf688780945ec5f2335d

XviD (latest stable binary)
If you have an old version of the XviD encoder installed, uninstall it first.

LigH's Custom Matrix Collection
Unzip to C:\Program Files\GordianKnot\qmatrix

libvorbis.dll (mirror here)
Unzip to C:\Program Files\GordianKnot\BeSweet

HybridFuPP (mirror here)
Ylevels (right-click, save as)
Unzip/copy the .avsi and .dll files to C:\Program Files\GordianKnot\AviSynthPlugins, overwriting any files already in there.

asharp.dll (mirror here)
Unzip to C:\Program Files\GordianKnot\AviSynthPlugins


VLC Media Player (Windows zip package)
Unzip to C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC, then make a shortcut in the Start menu.

SubRip (mirror here)
Only needed if your movie has subtitles.
Unrar to C:\Program Files\SubRip, then make a shortcut in the Start menu.

Open Office or MS Word and Excel
Needed for spell checking subtitles, and for using a convenient (but not mandatory) spreadsheet provided later in the guide.

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