The XviD-Ogg-MKV Walkthrough v2006.01.21

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changes in version 2006.01.21
--Signed up with DreamHost and moved to
--Sold out and signed up with Google AdSense
--Added logo
--Added swanky favicon in 32x32 and 16x16 resolutions
--Switched from MPC to VLC for checking audio/video while encoding
--Updated playback_instructions.txt with address
--Updated Filetopia link, Incredibly Strange Video link
--Added links to ripping and viewing software packages in Software and Viewing stages
--Removed DVD Decrypter hash info and alternate links
--Switched to ffdshow x264 build, with ffdshow-alpha and Celtic Druid's builds as alternates
--Updated ffdshow instructions/screenshots in Viewing stage
--Updated MPC screenshots in Viewing stage

changes in version 2006.01.07
--Updated link to HybridFuPP in Software stage
--Added µTorrent, TorrenTopia, and Bitspider links to clients section of links page
--Removed Afterdawn link to DVD Decrypter, added Google link and hash info
--Added SubRip mirrors in Software stage
--Updated doom9 codec comparison link in intro
--Updated Subtitles stage with SubRip 1.50 beta 2 instructions/screenshots
--Updated Quality and Video stages with XviD 1.1.0 instructions/screenshots
--VLC now handles chapters correctly--removed warning note
--Added a note to Script stage about dealing with odd interlacing patterns
--Updated libvorbis mirror link
--Added alternate ffdshow links in Viewing stage

changes in version 2005.09.08
--Updated DGIndex screenshots
--Updated BeSweet screenshots
--Switched to Lancer version of aoTuVb4 libvorbis.dll for faster encoding
--Updated TVTome link in Sharing stage
--Clarified instructions in Quality stage about visiting Viewing stage

changes in version 2005.08.27
--Clarified NTSC DVD instructions in Decoding stage
--Added Hamachi and Nodezilla apps on Links page
--Fixed Script stage to show correct HybridFupp width/height requirements
--Updated SubRip link in Software stage
--Added DVD Decrypter mirror
--Removed links and references to bmd's site, as it is no longer available
--Dropped megamix2 and moved to aoTuVb4 for all audio encoding
--Updated SubRip screenshots to version 1.30b11
--Updated mkvmerge screenshots to version 1.5.5
--Added note about setting BitTorrent ports to 30000+ range in case of ISP cap

changes in version 2005.06.28
--Upgraded to new aoTuVb4 Vorbis version in Software and Audio stages
--Added links to DVD Decrypter in Software stage
--Updated Start menu images
--Upgraded to Intel 8.1 libmmd.dll in Software stage
--Tried to fix ugly red color in Subtitles stage

changes in version 2005.06.07
--Upgraded to HybridFuPP 0.92b
--Added link to in Sharing stage
--Updated Matroska Pack Full instructions in Viewing stage
--Updated and simplified playback_instructions.txt in Sharing stage
--Switched to Haali Media Splitter in Viewing stage
--Added TVTome link to Sharing stage
--Added a note on an alternate 1CD .cqm to Quality/Video stages
--Modified Decoding stage to include proper PAL instructions
--Removed links to old Comcast page, moved main page to
--Switched to ffdshow for Vorbis decoding, updated Software and Viewing stages
--Added asharp.dll mirror
--Updated Subtitles stage with new SubRip version which now recognizes Unicode

changes in version 2005.03.06
--Changed Doom9 link on the Intro page to the Doom9 Forums
--Added a suggestion to make a note of the first subtitle time before adjusting
--Updated Gordian Knot screenshots to version 0.35.0
--Included Tweak plugin help file on-site
--Included a dummy subtitles file for videos with subs that should be off by default
--Modified muxing instructions: it's now ok to use special characters in the "File/segment title"
--Added note on looking up DVD chapter names at AMG and B&N
--Again need to select "pixel" before cropping in GK since beta update
--Updated Media Player Classic links now that version is finally out
--Added more info to the .srt time-editing instructions in the Subtitles stage
--Switched to new Unicode MKVMerge GUI 1.40 with installer
--Updated muxing.bat instructions since it doesn't need to be in the mkvtoolnix folder anymore
--Added a note to the Quality and Video stages about trying zones with the Weight option
--Switched to 7-Zip format for downloadable site archive

changes in version 2005.02.16
--Updated MPC CVS links all stages and playback_instructions.txt
--Included Ylevels in the Software directory instead of off-site
--Spelling correction in the Sharing stage
--Updated Decoding stage, no more "Autoincrement Open" in DGIndex
--Upgraded to latest HybridFuPP
--Updated Gordian Knot screenshots in Script stage
--Deinterlacing moved before crop in scripts
--No need for top/bottom cropping values to be multiples of 4
--New location of DGDecode.dll in scripts
--Switched to H.263 Quantization for 1 CD and episodic rips
--Updated Quality and Video stages with .cqm extension for qmatrix files
--Added link to VSFilter 2.33b in Viewing stage

changes in version 2004.12.28
--Updated Ripping stage with instructions for DVDs where each episode is a chapter
--Updated Software and Audio stages with instructions for libvorbis.dll using aoTuVb3 and MegaMix2
--Added a downloadable spreadsheet for determining the correct video size to the Quality stage
--Upgraded to latest alpha version of HybridFuPP despite lack of English documentation...
--Added a note about rare HybridFuPP error in the Quality and Video stages
--Added a note to the Quality and Video stages about multiple XviD installations
--Removed Qpel from default settings because slower computers can't handle it
--Added GK Rip Pack 0.33.1 and mkvmerge GUI 1.0.1 screenshots and instructions where necessary
--Modified scripts with brightness/saturation settings, added instructions on their use
--Added links to Media Player Classic CVS builds which have the updated Matroska splitter built in
--Overhauled the Viewing stage

changes in version 2004.11.22
--Updated instructions for dealing with rare MaskTools.dll error
--Added an extra note about checking the brightness/cropping in VirtualDubMod
--Modified Viewing stage and playback_instructions.txt to deal with out-of-date Media Player Classic
--Changed mkvtoolnix link back to the latest version
--Added note about extra cropping on the right side of the image
--Updated CoreVorbis links in Software stage, Viewing stage, playback_instructions.txt
--Removed apotheosis and jerkfaces image-hosting links, added 2and2, tinypic, imgspot.
--Updated link to Crusty's XviD FAQ
--Updated Real/Quicktime Alternative links
--Updated Viewing stage with new VLC aspect ratio setting instructions

changes in version 2004.09.04
--Changed link in Software stage to mkvtoolnix 0.9.4, since the latest one is crashing
and producing files that don't work with the Matroska splitter in MPC
--Renamed some images that Proxomitron thought were ads
--Edited Viewing stage and playback_instructions with an easier way to change VLC aspect ratio
--Updated RealAlternative/QuicktimeAlternative links in Viewing stage

changes in version 2004.08.06
--Updated Sharing stage with a note about Intellectual Property and Copyright
--Added extra links HybridFuPP, since many people were having problems downloading it
--Updated Viewing stage and playback_instructions.txt with links to ffdshow-alpha
--Linked to the AviSynth Filter Collection in the Script stage
--Included more precise file-naming instructions in the Muxing stage

changes in version 2004.07.28
--Added note about trying msvcr70.dll and msvcp70.dll if there are plugin loading errors
--Updated ffdshow configuration info in playback_instructions.txt and Viewing stage
--Removed alternate CoreVorbis links now that the CoreCodec download site is back up
--Switched ffdshow link from Andy2222's version to milan cutka's
--Added episodic DVD ripping instructions
--Pulled Garbo link from the Sharing stage
--Added a note about delay compensation during the muxing stage
--Added a note to the Script stage about invalid .d2v files
--Incorporated Ylevels into the scripts for brightness
--Added notes about changing the VirtualDubMod process thread priority
--Added notes about adding dummy subtitles during muxing
--Added notes about creating and examining the .jobs file in VirtualDubMod
--Added note about not pasting/editing lines in the firstpass muxing batch file

changes in version 2004.07.12
--Updated mkvmerge instructions to version 0.9.2
--Added RCE Protection step to the Ripping stage
--Switched to bmd's script for 2 CDs, added note about using it with some 1 CD movies
--Added asharp.dll link to the Software stage
--Updated Script stage with Gordian Knot 0.32 beta
--Added note about retaining the DVD so you can refer to it after ripping
--Added links to free image hosting for screenshots in the Sharing stage
--Updated Subtitles stage with a note about VobSub Rip.
--Updated Start menu images
--Adjusted the compression ratio guidelines in the Quality stage

changes in version 2004.06.28
--Added note about the purpose of Zones
--Removed "uncheck Calculate Frame-Overhead" from Script stage, since it's now off by default
--Included more specific instructions on what to enter in video notes.txt
--Added note on dynamic IP addresses and routers to the Sharing stage
--Added note to Software stage about alpha software
--Added right-click tip to HybridFuPP section in the Software stage
--Added instructions to uninstall old GK version before installing the newest one
--Modified scripts to crop before deinterlacing, added note about mod-4 cropping
--Simplified the compression ratio section in the Quality stage, relaxed the criteria
--Switched to hvs-best for 2 CDs and SixOfNine-HVS for 3 CDs
--Added note about usage of the VirtualDubMod "mark out" buttons
--Fixed the green color in the Script stage

changes in version 2004.06.20
--Modified Script stage with separate scripts for 1CD and 2CD encodes
--Added Ligh's matrix collection to the Software page
--Switched to SixOfNine-HVS (Didees SixOfNine Max=24.qmatrix) for 2CDs
--Modified Software and Audio stages to facilitate switching between Ogg .dlls
--Added instructions on using XviD zones in the Quality and Video stages
--Renamed video size.txt to video notes.txt
--Fixed the ugly mauve color in the Quality stage
--Moved the validation image links
--Added notes in the Subtitles and Muxing stages about .idx/.sub subtitles
--Changed all length-based instructions to CD-based, except for the initial 1:45:00 recommendation

changes in version 2004.06.19
--Added informational CSS mouseover popups throughout
--Replaced DVD2AVI instructions and images with DGIndex
--Updated Script stage with latest version of Gordian Knot
--Incorporated HybridFuPP into the Script stage
--Added compression ratio section to the Overhead stage
--Swapped Audio and Subtitles stages due to changes in the Overhead stage
--Changed the name of the Overhead stage to "Quality"
--Added a note in the Viewing stage about setting the ffdshow aspect ratio
--Changed audio format link in the intro since the Hydrogen Audio Knowledgebase is down
--Updated alternate Corevorbis links in playback_instructions.txt, Software, and Viewing stages
--Added XHTML/CSS validation link images
--Added my email address:

changes in version 2004.06.11
--Switched to date-based version number
--Adjusted the projected times for different processes to reflect a wider range of CPU speeds
--Added the walkthrough URL to playback_instructions.txt
--Rearranged the Decoding stage to make the Field Operation choice more clear
--Changed the wording in the Script stage to make bpp selection more clear
--Cleaned up a couple of images
--Added warning not to delete video.pass
--Added instructions on using XviD's cartoon mode for animated sources
--Added note for users with slower PCs to try Andy2222's ffdshow if necessary
--Changed playback_instructions.txt to add the ffdshow note

changes in version 1.3
--Added version number to copyright disclaimer
--Added note about DVD Decrypter connecting to update server
--changed 1CD bpp from 0.170 to 0.200
--Minor fixes to a few images
--Added note about VLC handling disc images, not recognizing mkv chapters
--Made sure all the XHTML and CSS was valid

changes in version 1.2:
--Added instructions for anyone with an old version of XviD installed
--Modified the Script stage to properly accommodate non-anamorphic widescreen DVDs
--Modified the Overhead and Muxing stages to reflect the Script stage changes

changes in version 1.1:
--Added link to Garbo in the Sharing stage.
--Changed screenshot recommendation from "actual resolution" to "playback resolution"
--Added part about tracker site upload speed display possibly being incorrect during super-seeding
--Added permission to copy and modify the walkthrough
--Provided alternate links to CoreVorbis